Friday, July 25, 2014

Greener Shades Colour Wheels

I have been doing some acid dyeing just for my own basic reference tool.
Greener Shades acid dyes have 2 blues - River & Coral Reef Aqua, 2 reds - Flame & Ruby, 1 yellow and black. Secondary colours - Sunset Orange, Amethyst Purple and Amazon Green are available too.
I created 4 colour wheels using the percentage system with slightly off white carpet wool. 2 Sets of the skeins were 20 yds. and weighed 10 grams each. These were dyed using .5% DOS (depth of shade) with Ruby Red & River Blue and .2% DOS which used Flame Red and River Blue.

The depth of the colour at such a low saturation point was surprising. The colours were very deep.
.2% DOS

.5% DOS
On another I used 10 yd. 5 gram skeins of the same type of wool, but the dye amounts were too small for accurate calculations with the syringes I had available. In these cases I used a small amount of water and only an eyedropper to measure by the drop. On these I added 10% black to each.
10% black added. Eyedropper measurement.
One more colour wheel, eyedropper method of measurement using 10% of the complementary colour.
10% of the complement added. Eyedropper method.
Then I took all of the colours I had from Greener Shades and did the same 5 variations with DOS on all using 10 gram 20 yd. skeins.
.2% .5% 1% 2% 3% DOS
Overall good reference tools. Now I must take a sample from each and make a traditional wheel of sorts to make comparison easier.

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