Wednesday, March 20, 2013

80 BMS 20 Nylon

Goal: to reproduce a commercially available yarn.
Somewhat successful, but prettier.

That's really not the point though. I agree that it's not exact - I'm not a machine.

In this the colour is not important.

Boiling Cotton

When cotton is spun the twist must be set. I don't have a piece of PVC pipe to use yet so I have improvised with a frying basket.
The spun cotton I wind from bobbin to the basket. It then gets put in a pot of boiling water for another 45 minutes, rinsed, dabbed with a cloth and then hung to dry.
These are small sample skeins so they are not hard to handle.
It works and its free.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm still working on my level three work. A great deal of time for experimenting happens first sometimes.
The exercise of spinning at 15 tpi for finished yarn still eludes me.
The brown fibre is 80% baby Suffolk 20% cotton. It's for one of the exercises.

I have fibre prepared for the big project, but before I proceed must be certain of the product I need exactly. The cloud of blue fibre is Border Leicester, Tussah silk and kid mohair. The colour is indigo. Many hours of carding & blending.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Whoops!! Clun Forest Mittens

Whoops...I forgot to take a photo of the mittens and now they are in the hands of the walnut supplier.
Oh well.

The cuffs were knit with my blend of Canadian merino and Clun Forest. Drun carded, but a tweedy blend which gave the dark walnut colour a little bit of a taupe cast to the colour. Interesting.

The body of the mitt was knit in a slightly lighter walnut shade and the finger tips area was a very dark brown. The thumbs were the very dark brown.

Turned out very nice with the shade variations making it more interesting.

The pattern was made by myself from the measurement of my hands which I believe to be average.