Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kroy Socks with decoration

These are made with inexpensive Kroy sock yarn. It's kind of a mousy gray colour with a little bit of decoration done in burgundy. This was such a pain to knit with because it was a loose twist & many times I split the yarn & noticed later. I then had to go back countless times to fix the errors.

The decoration was an experiment. 
They also feature an afterthought heel. To get the right number of rows to use for the heel was experimental; I've only done this heel once before.
I didn't think I would like these, but they feel so good on my feet. They are so soft, cushy & warm.

When summer comes I'll be in my bare feet & sandals, but for now my woolies are wonderful.

Latest Addition to Our Sock Family

What I have here are socks knit toe up, the dark blue, and top down socks with a heel flap in the lighter blue. Both are Briggs & Little Tuffy for heavy socks. I must say none of the socks pictured above are blocked & therefore don't look as 'pretty' as they might. The leg & instep are knit in K3 P1 rib. The unwashed yarn is 'not soft', but once it was washed it got really nice & soft. I'm really impressed with the laundered result. My hubby really likes being spoiled with new socks all the time. 
I think I like the look of the dark blue heels which were knit in Crazy Toes & Heel method rather than the look of the heel flap which is in the lighter blue.
I have washed the completed socks by hand & today I washed them in my front load washer on the hand wash cycle. It seems to have done a lovely job. I did let them air dry.