Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Other Things

I have been doing other things too.
I have Almandine Socks in progress-one done, one to knit yet.
Almandine Socks
Featuring reinfored toes and heels. Jawoll Lang wool.
I think I really like these!

Bag o' Wool

This is a bag of combed nests from Canadian wool board fleece, the eastern division. This took about three weeks to comb in my available moments. It is going to be blended with alpaca I think, at least at this moment in time and quite probably another fibre in my stash.

It was quite dirty with vegetation, but worth the effort I put into combing.

The breed is 'unknown'.
Final destination: sweater.
560 g combed fine fibre
Alpaca might be nice as a component for blending with the 560 g of the fine combings.
alpaca preparation
I saved the short fibre from combing for another project.
I'm thinking I will blend with cotton for a summer knit top for next year.
Fibres to be dyed separately, protein acid dye, cotton in fibre reactive dye. I have a quill head for my Lendrum wheel which is nice for woollen spinning.
Colour I am undecided on.
Fine short staple for blending

Ile de France Sweater

It has been a little while, but here it is:
The Ile de France sweater.
Ile de France sweater.
Almost finished-just the buttons left to put on. My least favourite part is just attaching buttons. It's been sitting for three weeks just waiting for buttons. I promise I will do it today.

The design, Ribbed Cardigan, is by Carol Feller. stolenstitches.com

Chain plied.
Dyes: Yellow is osage orange, alum mordant. Violet is acid dyed. Green is acid dyed with some woad dyed wool added.

Other previously dyed fibres were added on the blending board too.

P.S. I have a cardigan, years old, that has never had buttons put on. I know, unforgivable.

Update: I actually sewed the buttons on and wore it to the Woodstock Fleece Festival Oct 15, 2016.

Also I thought it would would be good to see more about the fibre that made this sweater on the same post. So here are some pics of the yarn construction.
Blended batts, separate colours

My workstation

Making the rolags

CPW used

Plied fibre

Finished yarn