Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost Sock Update

My lost sock has been found. It took the internet to find it - would you believe? I sent my blog address to my daughter, who spends a lot of time (too much), in her room on facebook.
I got an email later telling me she has it in her room & it came up with her laundry. I'm so glad I have it back. I think the finder's fee is a new pair of felted slippers.

I have been saying for years how great the internet is. Proven 

Lauren's are finished

Yea! They're done. They are definitely bright & eyecatching; a sure way to add a splash of colour to a black outfit. Have fun with them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progress on Lauren's Socks

Here on the right, the heel has been completed & to the left is progress up the leg. I would like to see these finished today or tomorrow.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lauren's sock preview

Lauren: Immediately above you see the beginning of your new socks started from the toe up. Over top of that is further progress where I am doing the gusset increases.  Next will be the heel area which I should get to this weekend.
This project is made using the Tie Dye yarn which is such a pleasure to work up; it just glides over the needles. At first I thought it was very splitty & unpleasant to work with, but was I wrong. It is so soft on my hands. 

2.5mm Addis circs (2). Crazy Toes & Heels method. I have misplaced the label, so I cannot tell you the content of the yarn; I think it's wool/nylon.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another View of my 2008 Collection

Collage of my 2008 collection. Same socks, different view.

My 1st Year in Socks. 2008

This pretty much represents my first year in hand sock knitting. Above are 16 plus 2 being worn today & 2 given as gifts, so that is 20 altogether. On the needles I have 2 going so far. I am thinking about starting a couple more. When I put some leftovers away today, I spied some of my stash I'd like to get started on.
I started knitting socks with 4 dpns, then switched to 2 circs, size 2.5mm after I subscribed to a couple of sock knitting lists & read about what people use. I find the lists, Socknitters & Crazy Toes & Heels very helpful.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Peasant Heels & Toes

This was an experiment where I knit the socks & then went back & did the replaceable peasant heels from the Crazy Toes & Heels book.
I really like that book a lot.
I doubled the yarn in the heel area, but it wasn't a really good idea. It's a little too heavy for normal shoes, but since I wear backless shoes a lot, it's okay.
Regular single strand would have been fine.
Where I really need replaceable areas are at the toes - they always wear out there first.
This is a mix of blue, purple, teal, with heels & toes dark grey. Wool/nylon mix. 2008.

I love these colours!

These are fun socks; I just love the colours!! These are done toe up & as you can see they are quite the same until up near the cuffs. At that point I came across a knot & it would not match up.  I was not willing to waste the yarn to match & I probably wouldn't have enough anyway, but when I fold the cuffs down, it is very obvious.

This definitely livens up a plain black outfit... otherwise I have nothing to wear with them.

Wool/nylon mix.

Warren's 1 Finished Sock

Here's one of WB's socks finished with a crochet hook. Very nice stretchy edge. He has a high instep and the yarn went around the foot more than up & higher. Great fit!! He's spoiled.
Again wool/nylon mix.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lost Sock

Believe it or not I lost the mate to this sock in the laundry a month ago & it still has not shown up. 
I suppose this is a tweed wool/nylon blend with a leg done half in stockinette stitch & half in a k2p2 rib. 
Depending on the situation, I can fold the cuff down if I want.

I hope I find the mate for it! It's one of my favourites.

Lauren's Christmas socks 2008

This was my first purchase of such an expensive, hand dyed yarn, but it was for someone really special, my daughter, so there you go.
It's a soft all merino yarn requiring hand washing. The colours are actually not quite so bright & there is more green. I don't see how I could possibly have matched this one up; it would have meant too much wastage.

This was a nice one to knit.

My Hubby's Forever Socks

It seems like I have been doing these for a very long time, but that's because I always have 3 or 4 sock projects on the go and am knitting a little on this one or starting a new one.
These colours are rather dull looking, but I am hoping the wonderful fit will be so good that I will forget about how dull they look.
I did not even try to match the pattern or colour where I started. I could have had these done today, but I have taken many breaks today.
This is a mix of wool/nylon; regular wash & dry.
This is a Crazy Toes & Heels method using 2 circs, size 2.5mm.

Some socks I did in 2008

These socks are ones I finished New Year's Eve 2008. I started them as a Magic Loop project, but got hopelessly confused about the needles when I was doing the heels. So I switched back to my 2 circular needle method, which right now I must say I really like.
I have no idea why the magic loop went 'wonky' on me, but it did. I'm very happy with the Queen Kahuna Crazy Toes & Heels methods, so I shall stick with that for now. There are some variations with it, so I won't get bored for a while, though I admit I am always looking at other books & am curious to try, but alas I don't have enough time for it all.
I did a pattern on the leg, similar to a waffle pattern, but it's quite subtle. This is a Mei Mei all wool sock yarn I ordered on Ebay; must remember to hand wash & dry flat.