Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Back From Olds

I returned on Friday of last week after having spent seven days in class being tested for Level 6 of the Olds Master Spinner class. It was a stressful and exciting week!!

After all the preparation and anticipation...the classroom part is finished and all that is left to do is the 'Indepth Study' component which must gain approval then finished by spring of 2016.

Just a week or so before class was due to start, I injured my right foot which left me somewhat at a disadvantage, but I coped with it and made the best of the situation by carrying on and using just my left foot to treadle. The Ashford Traveller that I rented and I did not get on very well until the very last day. This was the wheel rented from the college which was among a bunch new wheels 2 years ago. I don't think it has seen much use. I have a feeling that it just became conditioned to being spun on by the last day I was there using it. By then it was cooperating well with me.

I completed my work, though everyday I knew I should have had my own wheel there to use. It's done now and overall I am pleased with my results.

The dye sessions and the silk reeling were terrific. All went extremely well.

Indigo Pot

Today I spent the entire day getting my thoughts for the in depth study entered on my computer-writing and rewriting, but not as fast as my mind raced along. I think it's finished and it has been passed along for the first assessment. It may need more revision, but the plan has been put into action.

And that's a good thing.
Indigo results

Coleen on the right. Our esteemed guide.

Silk reeled from coccoons.

An early morning sunrise from my townhouse window.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fibre Week 2015

I am readying myself for the trip west to Olds College in a couple of days. What to bring and how to pack it?
Choices to be made and it's a busy time indeed.
Such exciting times to be into Level 6 of the Olds Master Spinner program. Can't wait to get there!!

I submitted an in depth study proposal and am waiting to hear about revisions I will have to make. That was difficult putting it down on paper in the space of a page.

June Update

I was very fortunate to attend Tom Knisely's Weft Faced Rug Workshop at the OHS event of Panoply 2015 held in Burlington May 21 and 22.

This pre-event 2 day workshop was held at the Burlington Art Gallery in the room that houses the Burlington Handweavers and Spinners. What a beautiful facility!! Really inspirational. Art everywhere you wandered and looked.

In one of the galleries the weavers had their display set up with wonderful weavings

We didn't have to worry about bringing a table loom, but were able to walk in and sit down to pre warped floor looms. Just perfect.

Tom was just as you would expect - gracious and full of knowledge - and most willing to share his craft. He even signed my copy of his rug book.

I had a wonderful 2 days and soaked up lots of info.

My work in progress

Our classroom at the Burlington Art Gallery