Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gansey Socks

Just finished last night.
Will add to Xmas gift stash for a lucky lady with cold feet.  I just happen to know two young ladies that fit that description.
Gansey Socks

Also working on a new sweater project which will take me from unspun fleece to a finished sweater. 
This is a blend of Merino X Romney (which is incredibly soft), little New Zealand Merino, Alpaca top and Tussah silk top. 
As this time I am unsure about the colour - I may dye the skeins or maybe the carded batts will take a detour to the dye pot. Lots of time to decide. Right now I am at the sampling stage and carding.
Sample skein of Merino X Romney, Merino, Alpaca & Silk
The sample skein has been washed and I am waiting for it to dry to do the sample swatch. There are a few calculations to go through first. In another post I will go into more detail.
Fleece to Sweater Swatch

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