Monday, July 23, 2018

Life in PEI After Almost a Year

Here we are in our little house by the sea, our dog Joey at my side as I write. It has been a lovely day-very warm, sunny, dry as in no rain for a few days and actually quite humid. Joey and I were out watering the flowers, new plum tree and veggie garden in the early evening.

We could hear the crows conversing across the way at Winsloe House mixed with the voices of children staying at the guest house. The wind was calm with the little breeze causing our Canadian flag to wave gently as I sat and knit on socks for Warren at the patio table on our front porch and watched cars go by. The Islander neighbours waving and the tourists just driving by.

I promised myself I would be painting here in PEI and I can say I am living up to my promise. Before I came outside I took time to glue down a watercolour onto a prepared board and box frame. This is a country scene of a barn up the road a bit.

I have a new acrylic painting hanging in the kitchen picturing our house and barn.
Another one of the same house nestled in some trees as seen from the edge of the field beside us ready for another box frame.

Time to get going on the next one. This time I'm thinking it might be a watercolour of a plant in the garden. I'm not fully committed to that idea yet.

The watercolours are not being put behind glass; not for now at least. I'm exploring alternate ways of preservation. 1. Fixing with a UVLS spray and then rubbing on Gamblins cold wax medium.  2. Fixing with a UVLS spray and then varnishing with Kamar Varnish. 3. Fixing with a UVLS spray and then painting on Minwax Polyacrylic Finish. All are being displayed on box frames which lay flat to the wall.

I purchased a high end Logan mat cutter. I just need to locate mat board. Art supplies are best ordered online. The art supply stores are not good here. There is Michaels and a small art gallery that gives lesson through the winter in Charlottetown which is 45 minutes away-neither with much of a selection.

I am working full time at Belfast Mini Mills, so though I really enjoy working there, my time to paint, spin and weave is very limited. I meet all kinds of fibre loving people and it is a really a great pleasure to be working there. I work with wonderful people.

We have had family visiting start a couple of weeks ago and it will continue for the summer. Now to get my hubby over the flu he has before more visiting starts.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Lervad Manual

Hello again.
I've been busy with a new job. Yes I found something wonderful to do and now I am working full time again... and I really like it... a lot!

And I have been brushing up on my water colour painting which I set aside to become a Master Spinner for a few years. Well I'm back at it!! I'm very happy to say I haven't lost it.

I will be painting a lot, and selling them with a mat and a backing - no frame.

I had an inquiry last night from a lady in Belgium, I believe, who is in search of a manual for a Lervad loom. I have both a Lervad loom and a manual, though it is in the Danish language, as that is where the loom originated.

I'm happy to share it with anyone who needs it. I will attempt to have it on the blog here if possible, but it seems I am unable to do that. So if you need a copy, just email me.

Enjoy! and I hope it helps someone. If anyone translates it into English, please get back to me. Thanks.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kitchen Work Area Finished

Progress in the kitchen:
Before --
Kitchen Before

After --
Work Area After
And now the other part of the kitchen is in progress --
With Primer. One coat. The wood is still showing.
Primed and taped. No flash on this one.
First thing tomorrow is another coat of primer, then later in the day I get to the fun part -- the actual paint. It's called 'Tradewind'. The color is by Sherwin Williams, but I had it color matched at my local hardware in town. Pearl finish. Light Reflective Value (LRV) is 61.