Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Little Break

from all the work. 
I'm using an app called Knit Companion and I like it. There are many features I have yet to learn; I really like the chart reading feature with the markers and line to follow your work. Easily imported 'fish lips kiss heel socks' into the program. 
These socks were knit with leftovers from other socks. The patterning is from another pattern. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's still a gorgeous day...

I have 2 bobbins spun and rewound of the Corriedale & 15% hemp. 

I'm making a 2 ply. I'm plying outside so I have a lot of space between the bobbins & my wheel. 
Skeined & ready for the hot wash soak. 
Corriedale with 15% hemp. 
This would knit into such a beautiful sweater. 

Sunny & Warm

Here I am on the 16th November, 2015, on my deck with my Lendrum spinning wheel & my 3 month old Aussie pup. 
Life is good. It's around 13•C. 
And the day off. 
From the top-my wheel, Bob & Corriedale & hemp.