Monday, July 14, 2014

Bedstraw Dye Results

The mordanted fibres were placed in open mesh bags and simmered at 180Ffor 1.5 hrs. I did the silk separately in order to use a lower dye temperature. I harvested some of the bedstraw I have growing even though it's very early in the season.

The fibre was 150 grams of combed Suffolk and 10 grams of bleached Tussah silk top. 
All of the fibre was mordanted in alum & cream of tartar 8 &8% and 7% respectively. 
The baths were made last weekend-one dye from the flowers and stems and the other from the roots. 
After dyeing I allowed the fibre to cool, then washed and rinsed. The water was squeezed out and they were place on a towel to dry. 
I am thinking about combining with another dyed fibre - something to add more softness. The one on the left is a little rosier; the one on the right is a light tan brown. The silk is like champagne.
Suffolk & Silk. Bedstraw dye.
I have a mystery roving. The fibres are unknown. The burn test revealed a soft powdery black ash. Some melted, some ignited. The smell was of burnt paper. Something to consider.

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