Monday, August 17, 2009

My Socks Finished

Just finished these last night after returning from work. Just a little bit here & there; not at all in a hurry to finish these because I just love the colour, so it was a pleasure to work with. These were started near the beginning of the year & worked on more or less on my work breaks.

Apart from telling you that it is a mixture of wool & nylon I can't tell you any more about the yarn. My mistake by not making any notes about it before.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

SWS Sweater Project

This is my sweater using Tuulia Salmela's top down method. It is not a pattern, but a method that let's you type your measurements into a spreadsheet along with your gauge you get from the swatch you knit up.
It features the look of set in sleeves and no sewing is required. If you are interested in more information here is the addy:

I recently started the body and am thinking about adding a texture or pattern. The neck & front opening will be a kind of I-chord trim. I haven't done that before and must search out some instructions.
I shy away from using buttons; at this point I intend to use a zipper. I have been known to change my mind, so you never know.

I have been reading a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman books this week - 'Knitting Around' & Knitter's Almanac. I am really enjoying her style of writing & her digressions. One of the books includes her percentage method of making a sweater. I have that on my list of roundtoits.

Also on my list of things I would like to knit are:
1. an Aran sweater
2. a Fair Isle sweater
3. mittens with Scandinavian type of colour work
4. sock patterns from my few sock books

That's all for now! Have a good night.