Monday, March 21, 2011

New to Me Little Loom

This used loom was advertised as an apartment size loom. I have a 60" plus wide countermarche loom as seen in the picture in my blog title, so I felt a need to have something smaller.

I found a 'jack type' loom (I think) with no manufacturer's name on it. I checked the LeClerc history pages, but could not find anything quite like it.
I opened it up today to have a good look at it and I think I will like it. I have to clear an area in my studio for it first before I can use it, so it will have to wait a while. Right now it's in the mud room.

It is 32' wide x 38" high x 39"deep; has 4 harnesses (room for 2 more) and 8 treadles. It should be a nice change from the big countermarche. With 8 treadles I should be able to tie a skeleton tie up.

Okay, now I have to squash it up again. My dogs need some space.

Update on the Green Sweater

Update on the Green Sweater   The dark green sweater made for my hubby was finished a couple of weeks ago. I am less than happy with it so one of these days I just might undo it all & start again. But then again, maybe not. Maybe I will just move onto the next project.  Well I actually have. I started a sweater for myself with a wool bought from McCausland's mill in P.E.I. It is a strange colour whereas at a close viewpoint it looks turquoisey & pinky. It doesn't take much distance to turn to a murky grey. I think when it is finished, since it is strictly outerwear, it will have to be worn with a somewhat brighter colour and it will look okay.

I started out using my long gansey needles and knitting sheath. I had two problems. The first being the project is a cardigan which means I am not knitting circularly, but back & forth. I realize I could have done steeks, but I didn't realize this would be a problem. The second, I am a smaller person in height and I found the reach with these needles was too far. They are very pointy & sharp.

This is quite a tightly knit sweater which I purposely planned to be warm & not allow much air to pass through the stitches. The needles are 2.5mm Addi lace circulars.  I am knitting at 5 stitches to the inch with yarn that is 11 wraps per inch.

In other areas I am plugging away at my Level 2 Master Spinner workbook. The work has been fascinating. I am doing optical blending which is so much fun- had to create a colour wheel with the results.
Then there is the fiber blending. Interesting and pleasing results. Funny what very pleasant surprises can be had when using a variety of fibres.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warping Mill for sale

Oak Warping Mill. New and Unused. 
This is a vertical, folding mill. Spring loaded. 
The capacity is 2 yards (6 feet) around. Height is 36 inches or 1 yard. 
Lease Cross pegs are attached with strong, rare earth magnets making disassembly fast and easy with no need to undo screws or bolts.
Ball bearing supports for smooth consistent operation.
Regular price for this mill is $250.

We are situated between Woodstock and Brantford on the 403 Hwy. Free delivery is available for local addresses. Farther addresses like London or Hamilton will have to kick in for gas.
See more at

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