Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's something like 5 a.m. and I have been up since about 2:30 not being able to get back to sleep. Haven't had a night like this in awhile and it's not the best way to start a full 12 hour day of work.
Oh well, I'll just get on with it.

Last Saturday was the annual Fleece Festival held in Woodstock, ON, an event I enjoy ever so much!!

I offered home crafted soap (MIM Soap's launch) this year & my hubby of Four Poster.ca had spinning accessories and a wheel he had made for sale. We were both very successful with our sales!!

We have shared a booth with a friend for the past 2 years; next year I think we will do it on our own. All parties could use a little more space.

Next year I will have a different sort of display up. I haven't had any experience in a market display, so now I have a few ideas for next year.

As for buying at the Fleece Festival there were all sorts of goodies!! I came home with a beautiful Border Leicestershire fleece that I will have to scour tomorrow on my day off. I saw this fleece early in the morning and went back a few times that day. I wasn't going to buy any more fleece, but then I thought 'the opportunity won't happen for another year', so it came home with me. The same shepherdess also had large carded batts of Lincoln ready to spin. At the end of the day there were only 2 left, so they came home with me too.

Mustn't forget to mention the water extractor I found in the silent auction. I've been eyeing these little beauties for at least a year. It must have been waiting to come home with me. I used it last night on the fleece & it was wonderful. Love it!

I also couldn't not buy some Rambouillet my friend was selling. All of my fleece purchases are not 'fine' grades of fleece, but meant for other more lasting things as rugs (the Lincoln) or outerwear (the Rambouillet).

Off to work now, so will finish tonight or tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday - since I was very busy today.

We watched a terrifically great movie last night - Prometheus. This movie actually captured my attention. Noomi Rapace was starring in it and she was very good in her part. You see usually I spin or read or knit or something at the same time as watching a movie, but Prometheus got my attention. Well done!! I'm not going to give anything away here; you will have to watch  it yourself to know.

I scoured the Border Leicestershire fleece last night & got to use my new 'extractor'. When I got up this morning I wasn't completely satisfied with the washing results, so did the whole process over again. It looks good now. Think I will comb some this afternoon.

Here are some pics of my goodies:

Border Leicester Fleece & the new to me Extractor
It's now a few days since I started this post & now some of this Border Leicester fleece is soaking in preparation for some woad dyeing. The last woad dye of the season. I hope to get that finished up tomorrow.

 Rambouillet Roving & carded Lincoln batt

I've spun a bit of the Lincoln batt & it's spinning up nicely. A lovely deep dark brown being spun short forward draw. I am not smoothing the air out much, but I can still see a but of the shine to the wool I would expect from a coarser fibre. The staple is only about 3.5" long, much shorter than I would have expected. Not sure if it will end up in a rug or some slippers.

I must mention that MIM Soap is up & running. Here is the link to the site: www.mimsoap.com .

If you think you might like some hand crafted soap then you should visit the link above. I have lovely soap bars available.

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