Monday, November 5, 2012

My Website...

I have a website & if you read this then please go and visit: .

If you want you're welcome to link to the above site. I have wonderful soaps for sale with scents such as cinnamon, orange, lavender.

Exfoliating soaps, baby soap, shaving soap, hand deodorizer soap.

Gentle moisturizing soaps. Goat milk soaps.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla. Satsuma, Energy, Tei Fu blend.

Many more... too many to list here.

You can find more information by visiting .

Making gift baskets? They are a nice addition. Maybe a hostess gift? Christmas gift. Just a little something to put in a Christmas stocking.

Click on this phrase and it will take you there:

I know it's a shameless plug.

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