Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Woolstock 2016

This is my absolute favourite show out of the whole year.
My husband and I used to be vendors, first with a friend for a couple years, then with our own booth.

Now I like to take life a little slower, when possible.

The show was bigger than ever and T., my friend had a great time with me, even when we lined up at 8:30a.m. The wait was over very quickly and we were able to get to our favourite vendors very quickly and start checking off our lists.

I was looking for sock yarn in Blue-Faced Leicester and nylon and found them at a fair price at the Black Lamb, along with a grayish blue merino and silk.
Also found silk/merino/cashmere blend in undyed skein form.
Silk noiles, undyed at Gemini Fibres.
Beautiful mannish olive green sock yarn, mohair, wool, silk blend for my husband was found at the Wellington Fibres booth.

I went to Harrison's Alpacas and got some gorgeous caramel coloured alpaca rovings which I hope to use to blend for a contest entry early next year with the Ontario Alpaca group.

My favourite Icelandic sheep farmers had a 5 lb. dark brown ram fleece waiting for me to scoop it up and I did.

I scoured this one with Dawn in the first wash, then used Orvus Paste for two more washes. I spun out the dirty water before rinsing. I rinsed once in quite hot water, then gave it two more rinses, each a little less hot with vinegar in the third. I used my front loading washing machine to spin dry the mesh bagged fleece.

It's a very dark, grey day today with high winds. I jthought I might hang it outside on some hooks in mesh bags to see if I could get some wind going through it to dry, but I think it's about to storm, so now it's in the house. I will just have to spread it out on some screens to dry.

My friend bought absolutely gorgeous sock yarns from Red Sock, Blue Sock, I think it was called. I would have loved to have got some too. I hope they will be back next year.

I saw many fellow spinners I have come to know throughout the few years I have been spinning. It was nice to see them again.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures this year. We finished off the outing with lunch in downtown Woodstock.

Oh-I forget to say how perfect the weather was-sunny, warm and just absolutely beautiful.

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