Tuesday, April 19, 2016

'The' Study is Finished!!

I feel like standing outside and telling the world it's finished!!

I made the trip to the post office last Thursday, April 14 to send away the 'Blending with Hemp' study, my final requirement for Olds College Master Spinner program.

I took a couple of vacation days to finish it up and spent the last day with some dye and 1000 grams of Dorset roving just to relax and have some down time before going back to work the next day.

That's what I call down time - doing the fun stuff.

I got out a new book I purchased from Susan Rex called 'Complex Colour' about dyeing and chose a colour scheme and then my colours. 10 colour recipes. Actually 4 formulas and some different depth of shades and a couple variations.

Here they are outside drying on the shrubs and then a sample to see how they look together.

I like the colours together and now I'll have to look for the right project.

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