Saturday, April 9, 2016

In Depth Study

I have been so busy with my study 'Blending with Hemp' for my Olds Master Spinner course, that sadly I have neglected the blog.
I have taken days off from work and ignored many things at home just to forge ahead on the study. 
The spinning was a huge task.
The writing was a challenge to present everything orderly and complete without going into too much detail on points that didn't concern spinning.
The formatting was a challenging monster. 
The grammar was important. 
The printing is a task I'm still at work on, but the end of that is in sight.
I've learned a million things about MS Word 2016.
Tomorrow I hope my colour printing is ready for pickup and then I can design my sample pages to insert. 
Then all I have to do is decide if I should bind it or use a binder.
I will be so ready for a trip to the post office...and the wait to hear back from the school.

It's Saturday night and I took time to start a new pair of socks. 
Relaxing just a little.

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