Monday, May 18, 2015

More May

The 21st and 22 of May 2015, I have a Boundweave Rug making workshop happening with Tom Knisely, weaver, teacher and writer.

It's part of OHS Panoply. Looking forward to that too. Here is the link: .

And I must ready myself and pull things together for my Level 6 studies in Olds, Alberta in June 2015 at Olds College.

The dye skeins for the class I haven't quite finished spinning. Tonight will be the final episode of 'Mad Men' and some spinning.

This is a blend of Border Leicester and hemp. I experimented with blending on the combs, but prefer the hand carded rolags instead.
Here's what it looks like. The hemp content gives the the yarn a manilla colour. I suspect that the indigo dyeing we will be doing in class will have a slight greenish tinge because of this fact.
B. Leicester & Hemp

I should get out to my garden for spring chores.

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