Monday, May 18, 2015

May...a lovely fibre month

I have been slow to post to the blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.

Boring Grey Sock
Just a sampling of projects:
Seems like just plain grey socks? Well sometimes that's just what is needed. It's almost auto knitting _ I can knit on something like this at work on breaks or before I actually start work; just pick up and knit. It's surprising to see how a few rows knitted here & there add up to a whole sock rather quickly.

Wendy 5 ply yarn. Beatrice Gansey
This is my much anticipated Gansey project. I've been fearful to start this project, but finally just plunged right in.

I'm using Wendy 5 ply Guernsey yarn I purchased from .

I have a few books and have done some research, so look forward to completing the sweater before it gets too warm to knit a large project.

Socks are great warm weather projects.

Bath Towel project

Bath towels are on my to do list.

This is ready for some sampling with cotton chenille from .

Previously I had tried to use mop cotton, but it makes a better bath mat than a towel.

See what happens with this.

Cotton/hemp tea towel warp. MX dyes.

Pictured to the right is hand dyed cotton/hemp warp for tea towels.

Pattern is for a twill gamp which I find fascinating to see happen.

Each section is a different threading and combined with different treadling combinations beautiful twill patterns emerge.

Hand dyed cotton/hemp. Twill Gamp.

This again is hand dyed cotton/hemp warp for more tea towels.

Love the pattern!

Lilacs of 2015

It's a beautiful year for the lilacs. Our house has many in front and across the road lining the farmer's field.

Log Cabin patterning

All cotton. Log Cabin tea towels.

Mother's Day from Lauren

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