Saturday, January 5, 2013

Overdyeing Woad Dyed Suffolk Skeins

Finished Skeins. Acid Overdyed.

Plain Woad before. Dull.

Using Greener Shades Acid Dyes.
Suffolk skeins soaked 15 min. in warm water with a little Synthrapol.
Added citric acid solution to the soaking skeins.
Used litmus paper to be sure the water was at the correct acid level.

The individual shades & tints were prepared in small plastic cups and applied to the skeins in pot with 1-1 1/2" water using plastic syringe. This is the same water the skeins were soaked in.
The water was brought to 170-180 degrees (steaming, not boiling) and held there for 20 minutes or until the dyes were exhausted & the water was clear.
The skeins were left to cool completely before being rinsed.

All the prepared colours were used. Colours were mixed using River Blue, Ruby Red and Black. Shade & tints from .5 DOS to 4 DOS. (Depth of Shade).
The darkest colour I was aiming for was a deep violet. It was very dark almost black. I would have liked to have had more woad remaining, but overall the results were better than the plain woad before. This is destined for mittens.

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