Friday, April 6, 2012

Red Striped Socks & Mohair Shawl

 Latest socks. A wool/nylon mix completed with Russian knitting technique. Russian bind off is K2tog, place new stitch on left needle,  K2tog. Continue until they are all bound off.
The stripes match on the feet & part way up the legs. Good enough on the colour match.
 This is a shawl in process using a warp I spun from a beautiful mohair/wool blend. The weft is a purchased 70% mohair & unfortunately 30% pac. It was too late when I realized that Pac is an acrylic. The shawl is finished & has been fulled. It is now drying and will then be lightly brushed.
Here is the content. But...the price was right.

A close up of the weave. 8 EPI & 7 PPI.
Shawl is 23" wide & 80" long plus a twisted fringe.

The next post will feature the finished shawl.

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