Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring 2012

I suppose I must admit that spring is actually here!!
The weather has been absolutely outstanding. Now I'm wondering what will summer 2012 be like?

Things that have been happening:
My new wheel is done. Photo to appear soon.
Spring shearing of sheep & goats at a nearby friend's farm. New baby goats. Photo to appear soon.

Spun on my new wheel. Wool is Falkland 56's, 2 ply.

The wheel is a 25" diameter & spins really nice. I have to get to know it better. This is to be my main wheel.

Newest book I can't wait to start.

 My knitting style is changing. This will be the second time I will be relearning my knitting style. I went from holding my wool supply in my right hand to the Continental style where the it's held in the left hand & very short quick movements few years ago.
Now I move onto a 'combined style as suggested in 'Knitting in the Old Way'.
I'm still practicing with swatches before I start a sweater design & start a sweater hopefully with my own handspun.

Mystery yarn.
 I found a piece of brown woolly fluff in my garden where I must have poured a dye pot out. It looked interesting so I shook it off & spun it up. It's hard to see in the photo, but the colour is a bronze brown with a greenish tinge too. At the same time it has a coppery tinge. Very interesting. I wouldn't be able to duplicate this one. It's a product of the winter elements & was found with marigold flowers in it.

Tree down in our yard.

 This old, very large, but dead tree was the victim of one of our windstorms just before spring arrived.

Shetland fleece drying.

The fleece from 'Hans" (I think it was) followed me home after shearing last week. Here it dries in the sun & wind. I wonder what it will be?

Dye garden spring 2012

Spring time look at part of the dye garden. That might be the coreopsis that's all green.
Lace scarf. Woad. Handspun 2 ply.

Woad overdyed with leftover marigold from last year.

The lace scarf was a pleasure to knit. A simple two line pattern. Easy peasy! Soft & yummy!

It's a light yellowy green. Interesting, but would I do it again? No.

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