Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Posting

I have been doing a lot since the last post which is coming onto two months, most of which will not be pictured here right now. Just because I need some time to just chill and hang out with my hubby.
I've made some towels as seen here.
I've spun & woven my spinner's workbook project. Photo to follow.
I've spun a Shetland fleece in preparation for a woven shawl. Photo to follow.
Yesterday I finished spinning up some E. Friesian that I will use to weave a shoulder bag. About 400 yds. of 2 ply @ 12 wpi.
I had some fun with it this afternoon & dyed the weft. The warp is going to be left a natural off white. This was the first wool I have dyed that was not a nature dye.

While the weft was left to dry overnight, I wound the warp & beamed on. Tomorrow I will thread the loom & start weaving. It will be interesting to see the finished project.

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