Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another day or few

I'm working on a sweater for my hubby done up in Briggs & Little Regal 2 ply. The colour is a lively varied green. When you look closely you can see how the mill has blended a lighter & a darker green with red fibres. I love the colour. I'm using an online sweater calculator for the pattern which is a basic V neck.

 This project below is a mixture of fleece that was leftover from some workbook spinning. The fibres have a tiny bit of tussah silk, some mohair, a little shetland and the blue fleece was from a friend, but unfortunately I can't remember the sheep breed. It is a woad dye result. When I tried hand carding the fleece there were so many neps, noils and vegetable matter that I decided to use it all with the above leftovers and experiment with a long backward draw at my spinning wheel. It also gave my drum carder a workout. After many passes, I finally came up with 3 batts I could use.
Carded fleece, blended.
Visible neps, vm, carded batt.
Rolled into punis for woollen spinning.
Finished 2 ply woollen yarn. 85 yds.

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