Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Yarn & Shawl

I spun up some Dorset X Dorper - what a very nice bit of fleece it was to handle & spin; soft fibres about 3" in length. I think this is destined for a woven scarf this year. Wish I had more of that. This fibre can be seen unspun in the previous post.

Shetland Shawl. Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman.
I finished the Shetland Shawl started a year ago. I ran out of Shetland wool purchased at the Woodstock Fleece Festival but purchased more in an unmatched colour a year later. I put the sawtooth border on it which added a little more in the depth of the shawl & I think it will give me much pleasure to wear it on a cool evening. The border was made with Sheltand roving handspun by myself.

Note: I've worn it a bit this week and here are my observations. It's the first shawl I have tried & since it's Shetland wool, it stays in place on my shoulders - doesn't slip around at all, just sort of 'holds' to my clothes. That was surprising to me. It's warm enough in our drafty house despite the loose knit of the garter stitch and holes of the pattern. The area where sleeves would be is just below my elbows is short enough so I can still wear it while washing dishes. Yes - it is a joy to wear.


Nina said...

Beautiful shawl! doesn't it feel good to finish up a big project like that?

suzibee said...

It feels really good and it's a joy to wear.