Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime - I've got it back

I have had all of my spare time zapped up by the workbook requirements of the Level 1 spinner's course I'm taking. I feel like celebrating because today, after two and a half months of having all of my spare time spoken for, I have the bulk of the work finished.

It feels so good. I just have to do my project & a few dye vats and submit it.

I was looking at my rock garden and the hens & chicks are very interesting. They are 12"-15" high and have an interesting flower head on the end of the stalk.
The small clump to the right is lavender. In the very corner is sage.
These little guys are new dye plants started from seeds. When they first started they were the tiniest little green dots.
The panseys give a very nice light green colour to wool from the purple flowers. I'm gathering & freezing the flowers so I have enough.
The coneflowers are looking so pretty since the heavy rain we had on Sunday.

This is the third year for this Liatris.

Tomorrow I don't know if I will get back to the Varpapuu or go on with my project. Wait and see what I feel like when I get up tomorrow. The Varpapuu is being transformed to a back of the loom treadle tie up so I don't have to crawl inside anymore. My hubby made the hardware changes for me on the loom and all the extra things I need for my weaving & spinning. Niddy noddy. Hackle & comb. Swift. Spindles. Lazy Kate. Warping reel. They're all beautiful & functional.

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