Thursday, May 20, 2010

Varpapuu Loom

My Varpapuu loom is coming along. It's almost all tied up - just the treadles to ready for tying up to the lamms.
I was going to go ahead and tie them to the lamms, but thought that getting some 'S' hooks would make changing the treadle pattern very easy, I will wait until I get the hooks.

TexSolv would make it all so much easier. A system of polyester chain & pins to hold things level. I can't wait to test the treadles.

Now to study a simple pattern & make sense of it in relation to the loom.

I searched the internet for information for assembly of the frame and came up with just a few pictures & an old pieced together manual for tying the loom. I am a complete novice, so it was difficult, but not impossible. I spent a lot of time untying old knots & using new cord. I learned a butterfly knot & a proper slip knot. When I want to adjust the knots, all I have to do is pull a couple strings & they undo. Simple.

Putting together the loom (minus tying) couldn't have been done without my hubby's help. He was great help with lifting & using the rubber mallet; making wedges for levelling the whole thing.

I did find time for doing my beloved iris garden with the mantis. What a time saver that is. I'm so glad it's done. After dinner tonight I also did another garden patch & moved a few flowers around that came up on their own. It's been a productive few days. There is more planting to do - have to get more dye plants in.

Tired. Sleepytime.

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