Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is here

Well it feels like it is.
I haven't been here for a bit... and I have many reasons. The first being work,work and more work with almost no play.
I must take time & do the things that are important to me at this moment. These things are knitting some socks, knitting on my shawl and the spinning which I started this year.

Did I mention I like to cook, but it's not a food blog & I will stay on topic.

First came the spindles, then my Louet S 75 wheel and a visit to the local spinners' & weavers' guild in Woodstock. 

My spinning wheel has a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension and flexible polyurethane belt. The 3 bobbins included have three settings on one side used to obtain three spinning speed ratios: 1: 5 slow 1: 7 medium and 1:10 fast spinning for fine yarn. The fly wheel is 20" in diameter. It has 2 treadles, but is not a true double treadle.

I don't know much about wheels, but it is working out nicely for me so far. I am studying the Alden Amos Big Book of Spinning.

At the same time, my hubby, Warren is making more spindles. The spindles are getting better with every new one. I am using a nicely balanced bottom whorl, but I think the favourite so far is the top whorl.

I have Briggs & Little pencil roving, B & L washed roving, Black Lamb merino roving, Louet Shetland roving and Hopeful Shetland roving. Favourite roving so far is the shetland which is very easy for a beginner to draw out.

I visited the Spinners' & Weavers' Guild in Woodstock yesterday for the first time & was warmly greeted by the President, Mary Saunders. I met three other members who very nicely gave me very useful tips to help me along. They meet in an old school room which is filled with looms, wool & yarns. 

Before I left I joined the guild and look forward to future meetings. I also found out about the Master Spinner program offered by Olds College. There is a Ravelry group with information at this link: .

Here is a link to the program information: .

This is so interesting. I would love to do this, but with a date of April 19, I don't think I can be ready this soon. In the fall probably.

Warren has also made a hackle & comb for me:
It works beautifully!!
Anytime one of you would like something made, please consider having Warren do the project. He is wonderfully talented at such endeavours.

I also have some wool carders:
Soon I will have a look at Linda W.'s sheep selection for some fleece. Just have to choose the colours. 
I really want to try preparing the fleece right off the sheep and taking it to a finished sweater (s). 

My M-I-L is waiting outside so I can take her to the grocery store. So I do hope you will drop in again to check out my progress.
Bye for now & enjoy the weather. It's free!!!


Nina said...

That is great that you have someone who can make the tools. The spindles are very pretty but that hackle and comb... totally awesome!

suzibee said...

Thanks Nina for your comment. My husband will be thrilled to see what you said.