Sunday, March 21, 2010

Raw Fleece Coming Soon

I have visited Linda W's farm & studio where my husband & I were welcomed to view the animals that will soon be sheared. There were approximately 34 sheep of the Shetland variety in varying colours, all of which were beautifully woolly wonderful to see. I loved seeing their thick coats, the fleece on the sheep, which will someday soon be turned into creative & maybe beautiful, but useful.
Then the beautiful Angora goats. It's fascinating to see the lovely ringlets and to finally see where mohair comes from. I have always loved the mohair throws, etc. that I have seen in store windows my whole life. In the 70's I was given one from Scotland & I still have it handy on the back of a chair in my living room to throw over me on a chilly evening.

Linda's studio is absolutely beautiful. She teaches weaving classes & has many looms & spinning wheels. It was wonderful to see them set up with projects. Someday I hope to be able to weave too.

What an opportunity you gave us to see. Thank you so much.

I reserved a couple of dark ones that should end up as sweaters & one white fleece to maybe dye.

Something to look forward to.

More spinning today.

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