Sunday, January 10, 2010

Both Green Socks Finished

These are interesting - shows me I have to practice the short row heel. I'm not completely satisfied with them, but now I can go back to working on the shawl.

The colours I wasn't happy with until my husband made a comment on the contrast between the two colours; one being so bright & the other so very dark. He liked the socks.

That was one of the key factors when I chose these two yarns. I was originally going to make striped from toe to the cuff, then changed my mind & decided to dial it back a little. Last night, when I was tired, I was completely dissatisfied with the colour, but now I don't find it quite so bad.

Think I will wear them to work tomorrow. On Your Toes sock yarn. wool & nylon. 2.50mm Addi circs along with my new spring steel short dpns.

Also pictured is my new knitting sheath. It was purchased from 'Agres on Etsy' along with some spring steel dpns in 9", 12" & 16" for knitting a couple of gansey sweaters. Right now it still feels clumsy when I use the knitting sheath, except every so often I get the motions right. It is supposed to take the stress from my wrist & use the strength in my upper arm muscles.

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