Sunday, September 13, 2009

I finished the Tailored Sweater

I tried an I-chord trim all around the neck & front edge on this sweater and it was just a no-go even with adjustments I made. I had tried increases at the beginning of the V-neck and decreases at the back of the neck & it was just a disappointing failure.

So I took the edging off again & just did a garter stitch border. I did 2 increases on different rows at the V-neck on both sides & 3 decreases on the first row of real knitting in the back of the neck. This seems to have worked.

All that remains to be done is blocking. I don't think I can skip this step because it looks a bit 'bunchy' on each side of the front near the shoulders.

This will be a nice cozy sweater to throw on during the long Canadian winter coming soon.

The yarn is Patons SWS, a soy/wool mix. It is a feltable wool, so handwash & lay flat to dry only. I knit this with 'Zephr' interchangeable needles, size 5.5mm using Tuulia Salmela's 'Tailored Sweater Method'. It is available at: . The pattern on the sweater is a basket weave done in three separate bands & feels very squishy.

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