Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What I have learned....

Thank goodness for computers & the internet!

I have been overwhelmed the more I look at yarn shops online & read the knitting digest I've just joined yesterday. Not only are there a lot of yarn stores online, but many sock yarn producers with a myriad of sock yarns to choose from.

Not only is there more than one way to cast on, do heels, & toes. 

I have so much to learn.

I seem to think I should be keeping some sort of notebook or scrapbook with yarn samples in & comments on mistakes I have made.

I can't wait to make a sock with having made no mistakes.

The best or most useful tip I just came across is to use a life line to mark the beginning & end of patterns no matter how simple it seems.

Now I have to go out & shovel snow from our 'worst' storm yesterday. This will give me some time to think about what I have learned.

Right now I'm doing my fourth pair for my husband. I have 2 sets of Bryson needles, 2.75mm, and I am doing both socks at the same time. A bit on this one, a bit on that one. I am ready to start the heel flap(s) now...after I'm done shoveling.

One of my problems is not having smaller needles. I seem to like having two sets the same size. So I have bid on Ebay & am waiting to see if I have won a couple sets of 5" bamboo needles that include 2mm & 2.5mm sets. I want to knit socks that are denser.

Have to get to the shovelling...now!!

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