Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Opening Post

Welcome to my blog!!
There are at this moment in time 4 things I love to do in my spare time. 
Sock Knitting
Sewing Clothes
Cooking & Baking

Since we are in the midst of a not so nice winter this year, I went into a local yarn store during the Christmas holidays in Dec. 2007. I came across some knitted sock samples while I was looking for yarn to knit a scarf for the new winter coat I had just completed.

I was totally taken in by the ones I saw there. They were all made from self patterning yarn & I just loved them. So I got some 2.75mm needles, a set of 5, some beautiful sock yarns, & headed home to start. We were just in the start stages of a winter snow storm & my timing at the store & arrival home was perfect for the onset of the storm & my new project.

I got started on my scarf first, then left that & started on the socks, selecting to make a pair for my husband first.
They turned out just wonderful & I have since gone on to make more. I am ready to start on my 4th pair this afternoon, if I have time before I leave for work.

I will post some pictures & will have some comments on my sock journey in my next post.

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