Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bag o' Wool

This is a bag of combed nests from Canadian wool board fleece, the eastern division. This took about three weeks to comb in my available moments. It is going to be blended with alpaca I think, at least at this moment in time and quite probably another fibre in my stash.

It was quite dirty with vegetation, but worth the effort I put into combing.

The breed is 'unknown'.
Final destination: sweater.
560 g combed fine fibre
Alpaca might be nice as a component for blending with the 560 g of the fine combings.
alpaca preparation
I saved the short fibre from combing for another project.
I'm thinking I will blend with cotton for a summer knit top for next year.
Fibres to be dyed separately, protein acid dye, cotton in fibre reactive dye. I have a quill head for my Lendrum wheel which is nice for woollen spinning.
Colour I am undecided on.
Fine short staple for blending

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