Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bath Towels

I've been experimenting with one warp (cotton/hemp blend. Hand dyed) for bath towels. Wefts have been comprised of  hand spun woad dyed linen, 8/2 cotton, cotton chenille & mop cotton.

Width in reed: 35"
10 epi of 8/2 cotton & hemp blend
Woven length approximately 55"-57"

I've varied the pics per inch (ppi) & combined different weft material and had a lot of fun weaving the towels & seeing the washed results. 

The one I really like is one in which I used thrums for weft. I just used a square knot to tie about 45" thrums together. The colours used were limited to black, white, a dark red, turquoise, light blue,
wee bit of yellow, & a dark dull pink. The tails were trimmed to ¼" after washing. All thrums used were cotton & a tiny bit of hemp in a few. I used no particular order. 
The result resembles one of my rag rugs.

From left to right-cotton & linen, cotton chenille, 8/2 cotton & mop cotton; thrums. 

Yes I could look up a pattern, but I like doing my own thing and seeing what happens. 

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