Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Targhee Dye

This is a 2 ply skein done up in a nature dye of leftover tansy with some fresh marigold added. Premordanted with alum and cream of tartar. 
This is uncarded Targhee that will be blended with dyed hemp top. Same dye as above. 
This is uncarded Targhee; alum mordant and a previously used cochineal vat. This too will be blended with fibre reactive dyed hemp.
These are 2 carded batts of Targhee blended with 25% hemp. A cochineal dye with marigold overdye. Alum & cream of tartar mordant. Here had the blended batts prepared with 25% hemp. Hemp is a cellulose fibre, so it must be dyed using fibre reactive dyed by either fibre reactive dyes, a substantive dye or with a different mordant process.
I decided to just dye the batts and see what the outcome would be. For this it doesn't matter if the dye on the hemp is permanent or not.

A satisfying dye day. 

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