Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mohair Scarf Workshop

I have loved mohair ever since I was a kid. When I was older I bought a mohair throw made in Scotland; now that I'm on the farther end of 'older', I still have that mohair throw. It still looks good.

I just haven't gotten around to spinning much mohair yet, but will before the winter is over. Now I can say that I have wove with mohair, in fact I have made a lovely wintry scarf. 5" wide by about 5'.

It's a beautiful teal blue and is genuine British mohair. Soft and with a lovely halo! The Oxford Weavers and Spinners Guild had a workshop on weaving with mohair taught by Barb Jones on Oct. 25, 2014. Linda Wallbank was very kind letting the Oxford Guild use her studio facilities since our room at the schoolhouse in Woodstock has been without heat.

Discussing mohair properties
Barb and Ann
Fringe being tied
Suzi hard at work on mohair scarf. Linda in background.
Teal Mohair Scarf finished.
I learned how to handle it and the special considerations to take when weaving with it. The scarf was completed and wet finished all in one day.

Cochineal Dyed Mohair
Barb was also very generous and shared some of her stash with us. Some mohair with wool blended.
I soaked it; put an alum mordant on it; and dyed it with some leftover cochineal dye. This was the third time I used that particular cochineal vat.

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