Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flaxen spinning

Though I must complete my Olds Level 5 final project, I have revised my plans. This flax was going to be dyed using fibre reactive dyes and used for a towel, but the woad in my garden had to be used and the flax ended being dyed with the woad that day.

I scoured 462 grams of spun flax to remove the waxes and set the twist in my singles using 1 T. laundry detergent,  2 T. washing soda and hot water in a large non reactive pot. I simmered the skeins in this solution for 45-60 minutes. Then rinsed in cool water.

462 grams flax spun into linen ready to be scoured.

The woad was harvested and prepared. The skeins were dipped 3 times and aired between dips. The result is a beautiful silvery blue colour.
Woad dyed linen singles. Oct. 2014.

Now back to the planning for my project.
This post has been revised.

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