Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Colours

Fun dyed Suffolk carded in small amounts ready to spin or blend.
I dyed and now have finished carding some Suffolk fleece. True it's not one of those fibres that you can ooh and ahh about being so soft, but it does have its uses. It's just as much fun to dye as any other fibre that may be softer.
I'm thinking of using this for an entrelac knitted bag, but that's just one possibility.  It could end up in a rug or ... I'm not really sure. There is time to change my mind.
I may blend the colours with a softer fibre in grey or white or some black even. They are all carded and beautiful now. 

The uncarded colours as seen above.

Dyed Suffok carded & ready to spin or blend.
This is the uncarded fleece, as seen in the middle of the red above.

Triad Dyed Suffolk. Carded & ready for spinning. These are 3 variations of each colour.

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