Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sheep to Shawl

I was part of a team for a very friendly 'Sheep to Shawl' competition held at Joseph Schneider House in Kitchener, ON on May 4, 2014.
Our weaver was Yvonne N.; our plyer/spinner was Karen M; spinners were Linda W., Lidja and myself. So it takes 4 spinners to supply 1 weaver.

Yvonne wove a gorgeous houndstooth shawl in a blend of Shetland wool & Alpaca. 72" plus fringe.
A fun event and I was honoured to be asked to join in the event. It was a tie by the way.
Here is a photo of shawl, samaple skeins of yarn, unspun fibre & the plan.
Sheep to Shawl May 4, 2014. J. Schneider House.

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