Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dog Rugs

I am in process of making a couple of dog rugs, 2' X 3" for the front room. They are really my samples for the larger rugs I wish to make for the front room.
I finished weaving the first one this afternoon and I am surprised at the length of time it took to weave just 42" woven length.
1st Dog Rug. 2/2 twill
It is a weft faced 2/2 twill rug using seine twine warp at 6 epi with 2 ends per dent.
The weft is rug wool using 4 strands per pic. Very time consuming. I have to go back & see just how many pics per inch it is.
Basically it is shades of green with a tiny bit of a dull yellow in it. The green stripes leading off to the right is done every 3rd pick. The colours I am using can be seen on the stick shuttles in the picture.

The other rug I am undecided as to what sort of pattern I will use. I will think about it this weekend while I'm at work.

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