Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where were you on Sept. 14/13

I had the pleasure of attending the Knitters' Fair with Kim, a very dear friend today. It was an absolutely perfect fall day with a bright blue sky and we had a terrific time. There were so many beautiful colours & fibres to be tempted to take home. Lots of fun we had.

I was so controlled. I came home with alpaca insoles for my hubby & myself to help keep our feet warm this winter, one skein of a beautiful hand dyed silk fibre from Sericin Silkworks, whose colour I cannot describe and a little bit of flax. Oh and one pattern for a new pair of fingerless mitts.

And all because I got a new roof on part of the house. The best birthday present I ever could have had. It's beautiful!!

Tomorrow a visit with my daughter & her partner on my birthday.
A whole day with no pictures. I forgot.

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