Thursday, November 17, 2011

November's New Spin & Knit

Custom handspun for Kim. 55% wool, 35% pomeranian, 10% kid mohair. 12 wpi. 230yds. before wet finishing.

100% Shetland toque. handspun. 11 wpi. natural colour in a very dark brown.

Merino/tencel. Shawlette with broken edge. Needs repair.
These are the projects lately.  The hat I was hoping would be more masculine, but I'm afraid it looks 'girly' because of the patterned knitting. In the photo it is hard to see, but it's destined for one of the fair maidens here. The shawl needs more work. Since I ran out a few inches from the end in the last row & also because I ripped an edge when I was spreading it out for drying after wet finishing I must now do something with the edge all around it. Or maybe I will just rip back an inch & finish it prematurely.
The yarn at the top was not my favourite project because I had dog hair all over me. It does not behave like wool & I am afraid it might smell funny if it gets wet at all. Anyway, I am glad it's done and it did actually turn out very pretty.

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