Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Knit Stuff

Lately I've had to get out my knitting needles for some small projects - socks, mitts, and more mitts.
Striped Mitts & Wristlet w. zigzag cables. Both in Cascade 220.

Briggs & Little Tuffy wool in a heavy work sock.
The striped mitts were intriguing to do; to see the stripes emerge like branches on a tree at the thumb gore was very satisfying. I used Patons classic wool with 3.75 mm needles.
The wristlets have turned out to be very nice to wear and should normally be a quick project. I did many restarts on these because of silly mistakes, but finally got something nice. They were done with Cascade 220 wool which is so very soft. These are nice to wear while driving - keeping my hands warm while my fingers remain free. For very cold days I reach for my felted fisherman's knit mittens.

The outdoor socks are on hold currently until I get more of the marled wool. I don't know of a store in my vicinity that has this brand of wool, so I must order it from the mill in New Brunswick. 

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Nina said...

love 'em! Those striped mitts are almost optical illusionish. Very cool. The wristwarmers look both pretty and functional and yay for getting the socks done. It's the weather for yummy woollen socks.